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The camping

Situated just above the beautiful beach of Tsapi Chrysokelarias, in a grove of olive trees, carob trees, mulberries, eucalyptus, laurels and ligustrum,  Camping "Tsapi" since 1995 offers to both adults and children the unforgettable experience of camping.


Just 7 km from the provincial road and a short distance from the picturesque Koroni, but almost isolated, is the ideal destination for those who want to combine contact with nature, by providing key services that simplify the accommodation conditions.


The traditional tavern is known for its excellent and quality cuisine, while the mini-market within the camping supplies the visitors with all commodities and anything else they may need.

Visitors can freely select the desired spot for their tents or trailers since there are no numbered seats.

It is also worth hiking to explore nearby destinations or touring around in the area taking longer trips.


Definitely a destination worth visiting!


Hope to see you soon. 


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