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Privacy Policy

Users and visitors accept that uses cookies as part of its services. In case the visitor / user of the specific services does not wish to use cookies, he can not have further access to these services.

Cookies are small files that are sent and stored on your computer or other device that you use when you browse our website.

Categories of Cookies used by

Necessary: This category is related to the storage of the most necessary data such as the password for the full use of the services provided by to users. In any case, a user can disable them through his browser, however, there will be problems with the operation of the website for the user.

Performance: This category concerns the storage of anonymous statistics such as for example the number of visits, time spent by users on the website, etc. The collection and use of such statistics helps the administrators of each website to evaluate its performance and improve services to visitors / users.

Functional: This category is related to the storage of data that allow some specialized functions of the website, in case of non-acceptance or deactivation, the range of services of is limited to users.

Advertising: Concerns about cookies from advertising partners such as Google. The purpose is to personalize and improve the navigation, for example by anonymously storing your search preferences and displaying relevant ads that match your preferences.  You can disable their use. For more information, see Google's privacy policy ( ).

Delete cookies:

Each user can at any time delete all cookies stored in his application through the special options provided by the web browsers he uses. However, important services may not work on the sites you select and it may be necessary to set niche preferences each time you visit a site.

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